GhostRide Media

Ghostride Media compose original music for you!
Maybe it is for your Game, Movie, Filmtrailer or Jingle for your business.

With a huge sound library at our disposal of litterary thousands of instruments, sounds, loops, voices, choirs etc. 
We can create pretty much any style or genre, as we are proud to have the VST's of some of the best in the business, including Kontakt, EastWest Sounds, Native Instruments and Steinberg. 

Some of the vocalist VST's available to us is simply amazing, including Celica Soldream in "Best Service ERA II Vocal Codex",  Merethe Soltvedt in "Jaeger - Hangar IV" by Audio Imperia, and Clara Sorace in the verious Ethera VST's. 

Why use a generic sound loop in your game, just making your game user or audience tired of hearing the same old music or sound over and over?

All music is original work. Composed and Produced by Jonas Sjöström.

Send a query to us, and we will create something that will suit your needs!


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