One Night Love Affair

An adult visual novel. 
This one, a romantic, mix-up comedy, with sex scenes and R-rated topics.
It’s time I take the leap from creating 3D-Art to making it more interactive. 

This story is going to be a dialogue driven story about a man in his late 20’s who just lost his girlfriend in a tragic accident and having trouble coming back into the dating game. He gets help from his two step-sisters with this, one of whom has problems keeping her boyfriends and the other who never date due to her busy work, as the boss of the family business.

Things don’t always go as planned.
Especially when after our hero wakes up after have been to a class renunion with one of his step sisters and wakes up holding her naked body in his arms.

Rude Awakening

How can he explain that, while drunk, he mistook the room with the one his date had? 

How pissed will his step sister be after she realizes she had sex with him and not her date?

Will this ruin his life and relationship with one or both his stepsisters?

Where will he live, will he be able to continue living in the same house with them?

And… shit.. what happened with our dates, what actually happened?

Explore some of lifes problems and highlights whilst finding a way to love again.
Make decisions ”in-game” to shape the story the way you like it.

The first version is free, and a download link is avaliable at:

 Ver 0.01

A demo version vill be created later.