The What & The Who…

On these pages we have a joint collaboration of Music, Visual Arts, Graphics and Storytelling!

In Short, all you need for entertainment!

Ghostride Media is the Music and Composing part of this collaboration. Focusing on Film Music, Epic Music and Ambient, Ghostride Media is wizard that makes the story comes to life.
Be sure to check out the Ghostride Media single on youtube or spotify, called ”Shaken not Disturbed”. (Also avaliable on iTunes.)

Doubtfully-Nude is creating a Adult Visual Novel.

This one, a romantic, mix-up comedy, with sex scenes and R-rated topics.

”This story is going to be a dialogue driven story about a man in his late 20’s who just lost his girlfriend in a tragic accident and having trouble coming back into the dating game. He gets help from his two step-sisters, one of whom has problems keeping her boyfriends and the other who never date due to her busy work, as the boss of the family business.
Things don’t always go as planned.
Especially when after our hero wakes up after have been to a class renunion with one of his step sisters and wakes up holding her naked body in his arms.”

Graphics and Art by SysterTysk see the full gallery at: